In the current digital age, a strong online presence is crucial for businesses to thrive and succeed. E-commerce and web portals have become the cornerstones of the modern business landscape, offering immense opportunities, especially for Small and Medium Businesses to reach a global audience, enhance customer experiences, and streamline operations, that too at the most feasible prices.

E-shops are open and available 24/7, 365 days a year.

GO-Globe delivers state-of-the-art e-commerce and corporate solutions for all Small businesses.

Typical E-Commerce Modules:

  • Catalog & Product Management
  • Order Management Shopping
  • Cart Payment
  • Gateway Integration
  • Tax Calculation
  • Printable Invoice
  • Shipping & Delivery
  • Customer Management
  • Custom Search Analytics
  • Reporting Marketing
  • Promotions, Reviews and Ratings
Platform independence
No installation required
Easy collaboration
Better scalability
Improved security
Ranges & Contact

ERP Platforms

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software that helps manage and integrate various business processes, such as finance, accounting, supply chain management, procurement, human resources, and customer relationship management.

It leads to high sales, productivity, and efficient operations. On top of that GO-ERP generates quick reports and covers all aspects, leaving you with ample time to focus on other productive areas. The comprehensive report simplifies the decision-making process by highlighting the key factors required to take necessary actions. You can customize the report as per personal preferences to only see the most important data for your business.

Read More about ERP Implementation.

Tailored to your specific business needs
Improved scalability and flexibility
Enhanced security and data privacy
Better branding and user experience
Reduced reliance on third-party services
E-commerce success

Payment gateways

In today's digital age, the ease and security of online transactions are pivotal to the success of businesses and the convenience of consumers. Payment gateways serve as the vital bridge that facilitates secure and seamless financial transactions over the internet. This article delves into the concept of payment gateways, their significance, and how they simplify the process of digital payments in the UAE and beyond.

The global online payment gateway market is estimated to be worth about US$125 billion by 2023 with a stellar CAGR of 12.8%.

GO solution, which includes both extranet and intranet networks, provides a highly secure and efficient communication platform for businesses.

An extranet allows organizations to share specific information and resources with authorized external users like partners, suppliers, and customers, while an intranet is used to share information within the company among its employees. By utilizing our platform, employees can easily collaborate and share information, while having complete control over access and security. You can be sure that your company's valuable data and intellectual property will remain protected.

User-Friendly Design
Optimize for SEO
Offer High-Quality Product Images
Provide Accurate Product Descriptions
Simplify the Checkout Process
Offer Great Customer Service
Leverage Social Media
Monitor Analytics
Relax, we will ecom it for you!

E-commerce Trends & Future Developments

Current E-commerce Trends

1. Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce)

Mobile devices have become the preferred medium for online shopping. As smartphone usage continues to soar, businesses are optimizing their websites and apps for mobile, providing a seamless shopping experience on smaller screens.

2. Personalization

E-commerce platforms are harnessing data and AI to offer personalized shopping experiences. From tailored product recommendations to dynamic pricing, personalization enhances customer engagement and satisfaction.

3. Sustainability

Consumers are increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of their purchases. E-commerce businesses are responding by adopting eco-friendly practices, offering sustainable products, and promoting green initiatives.

4. Social Commerce

Social media platforms are no longer just for socializing; they've become a powerful e-commerce tool. Businesses are leveraging social commerce by integrating shopping features into platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

5. Subscription E-commerce

Subscription-based models are gaining popularity. Customers subscribe to receive products regularly, from meal kits to beauty products, simplifying their lives and providing businesses with steady revenue.

The Role of Data

Data is the driving force behind these trends and developments. E-commerce businesses collect and analyze vast amounts of data to understand customer behavior, optimize operations, and enhance the user experience. Data will continue to be the linchpin of future e-commerce innovations.

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