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In the fast-paced economy of the world, e-commerce gives room for the smallest business to reach the global audience with its product and services at a reduced cost.

E-shops are open and available 24/7 and 365 days a year. GO-Globe delivers state-of-the-art e-commerce and corporate solutions for all kinds of businesses with any scale. Typical E-Commerce Modules:


Catalog & Product Management Order Management Shopping Cart Payment Gateway Integration Tax Calculation Printable Invoice Shipping & Delivery Customer Management Custom Search Analytics and Reporting Marketing and Promotions Reviews and Ratings

Platform independence
No installation required
Easy collaboration
Better scalability
Improved security
Ranges & Contact

E-commerce platforms

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software that helps manage and integrate various business processes, such as finance, accounting, supply chain management, procurement, human resources, and customer relationship management.

It leads to high sales, productivity, and efficient operations. On top of that GO-ERP generates quick reports and covers all aspects, leaving you with ample time to focus on other productive areas. The comprehensive report simplifies the decision-making process by highlighting the key factors required to take necessary actions. You can customize the report as per personal preferences to only see the most important data for your business. More about ERP Implementation.

Tailored to your specific business needs
Improved scalability and flexibility
Enhanced security and data privacy
Better branding and user experience
Reduced reliance on third-party services
E-commerce success

Payment gateways

GO solution, which includes both extranet and intranet networks, provides a highly secure and efficient communication platform for businesses. An extranet allows organizations to share specific information and resources with authorized external users like partners, suppliers, and customers, while an intranet is used to share information within the company among its employees. By utilizing our platform, employees can easily collaborate and share information, while having complete control over access and security. You can be sure that your company's valuable data and intellectual property will remain protected.

User-Friendly Design
Optimize for SEO
Offer High-Quality Product Images
Provide Accurate Product Descriptions
Simplify the Checkout Process
Offer Great Customer Service
Leverage Social Media
Monitor Analytics
Relax, we will ecom it for you!

E-commerce Trends & Future Developments

Would you want a shop that was open 24/7? Or how about an efficient business with a high and consistent flow of income. If yes? See the results of our other clients. We build online stores including database planning and stock or performance handling.

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