How to choose website designs for ecommerce business [Infographic]

March 22, 2021

When updating your eCommerce web design or starting a new web store, you need to choose a new design. And the design is not only about how the website looks – it is about the user experience (UX). And good user experience raises conversion rates by 400 percent.

You can do all the design by yourself or save time by hiring an E-Commerce Website Development Company or a web designer. In any case, you should listen to your customers and use a very comforting design, create a speedy website, and allow customers to find what they are looking for quickly.

Infographics by GO-Globe Web design Dubai

When trying new designs, you should be careful not to jeopardize your current revenue. Always carry out A/B testing to see if you got aesthetics, function, and user experience right. When you are evaluating all the details of your new design, make a checklist first. This checklist can be based on tutorials and information you find on the internet.

You should look for a design that features all essential elements like the news section, new products section, popular products, advanced search box, and icons of payment options. You can learn a lot from the top lists of successful eCommerce website designs and compare them with your choices. Overall, you should keep it simple, make branding a priority, and make checkout a breeze.