Expats in Middle East — Statistics and Trends

Did you know that Expats now account for around 48.1% of total population in GCC countries and more than 46% of Expats in Middle East think they are earning a lot more than they would back home. Check out our infographic on Expats in Middle East for latest statistics and trends.

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Estimated Numbers of Expats as %age of total population

 Country Expats as %age of total population
United Arab Emirates 88.5%
Qatar 85.7%
Kuwait 69.2%
Bahrain 52.0%
Oman 44.0%
Saudi Arabia 32.7%

Male-Female Expat Ratio in Middle East Countries

Country Male Female
Global Average 47% 53%
UAE 63% 37%
Qatar 64% 36%
Saudi Arabia 76% 24%

Top three sectors of industries

UAE Qatar Saudi Arabia
Construction 12% Construction 25% Construction 25%
Retail/Wholesale trade 11% Education/ Research 13% Education/ Research 13%
Financial services 10% Business services/ Professional consulting 10% Healthcare 10%

Benefits Expats receive in Middle East Region Vs Global Average

  Benefit Type %age of Expats in Middle East Global Average
Health and Medical Allowances 70% 52%
Annual Trips to home/ Airfare allowances 67% 33%
Accommodation Allowance 60% 33%
Permanent Expat Contracts 33% 21%

%age of Expats with disposable income higher than in their home country

 Country %age of Expats having higher disposable income
Qatar 76%
Oman 72%
Bahrain 68%
UAE 65%

47% of Expats in Bahrain took less than Six months to feel like home as compared to global average of 31%

Key findings about Expats in UAE

 Findings %age
Send child to International Schools 76%
Have confidence in local economy 61%
Better Overall Quality of Life 60%
Good for career progression 53%
Moved to improve job prospects 40%

Latest Global Rankings of Middle East Countries in Best destinations for Expats

  Country Name 2015
Bahrain 4
Oman 14
Qatar 22
Saudi Arabia 26
Kuwait 34
Turkey 36
Egypt 37

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