Ethical & non-ethical techniques of doing SEO [Infographic]

February 22, 2020

Ethics in search engine optimization (SEO) is an important factor for doing search engine marketing. The ethical guidelines for what techniques and strategies are considered acceptable are given by the search engines you’re optimizing your site for. The most common search engine you want your website ranked high in is google search.

The goals of these ethical guidelines are to avoid damages to your website and reputation. Some SEO is regarded as manipulating search results in an unfair way. Other is marked as unethical, because it is an overly aggressive marketing approach. Not following googles guidelines can result in a downranking of your site or even removal from the index.

The ethical techniques include building high quality content that does not deceive the users nor bug them with filler content. The other main improvement you could try to achieve is reducing the loading times of your website to improve your ranking. A good way to reduce loading times is the use of content delivery networks (CDN).

Effective not-ethical SEO techniques that are capable of improving your search engine page ranking (SERP) in a short time are the so-called black hat tools. These tools create a lot of backlinks and shuffled content to improve your ranking. In addition to that you could pay for links to your website to get quality backlinks that boost your ranking too.