Economy in Dubai – Statistics and Trends

November 26, 2015

Did you know Dubai was one of the five fastest growing metro economy in world in 2014 as compared to 18th in 2013.  Did you know that oil accounts only for 4% of total government revenue of Dubai. Check out our infographic “Economy in Dubai- Statistics and trends” for more facts about Dubai Economy.

Economy in Dubai

Infographic by GO Gulf – Dubai Website Design Company

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GDP of Dubai – 82.87 billion USD


GDP per capita: 24,866.00 USD


Dubai Budget for 2015 – 41 Billion AED


Dubai ranked 5th fastest growing metro economy in World in 2014 as compared to 18th in 2013


Metro Rank

Government revenue by type


Revenue Type %age of total revenue
Government Services 74%
Tax revenues (customs and excise charges and the corporation tax imposed on foreign banks) 21%
Oil 4%

Wages and salaries account for 37 per cent of government spending


Capital expenditure, grants and subsidies account for 44 per cent of the total government spend.


Retail and the wholesale sector play a very important role in contributing to the economy of the emirate as it represents 29.2 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) of Dubai.


Dubai’s Retail Sale turnover in (USD billions)


Year Sale (in USD Billions)
2013 39.6
2014 42.5
2015 44.4
2016 46.4
2017 48.5
2018 50.7
2019 53.0
2020 55.3

Dubai has retained its position as the second most important international retail  destination  globally  for  2015 after London.