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GO Team is a unique group of international professionals who have been carefully chosen to work towards one main goal - achieving success for our clients. We believe that our success lies solely in the success of our clients, both in terms of their profit and their reputation.

GO philosophy at GO Team is to provide excellent and reasonably priced services to mid-sized and larger corporations, helping them to understand and navigate the complexities of their business operations to achieve great results. Our working procedures prioritize responsiveness, sharpness, effectiveness, honesty, transparency, and a can-do attitude.

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GO Headquarter

GO main office, located in Dubai, serves as the central hub for our research, strategy setting, information architecture building and project management. While we have four development centers in Europe and the subcontinent, our main development is partially conducted in our headquarters.

Our team takes pride in the exceptional work environment present in both the development and sales offices.

The offices are well-equipped with the latest technical tools and necessary knowledge to provide high-quality assistance to clients in carefully selected regions. All team members are carefully screened before being accepted into our group, ensuring that we have a talented, intelligent and transparent team of result-oriented web professionals with upright work ethics. With their wide-ranging experiences, our team boasts of well-trained international IT professionals. Our services are carried out to the highest level of expertise, which gives us a significant edge over our competitors.

What makes GO-Globe different

GO-Globe company was founded on the belief that success comes from several elements: a capable and devoted team headed by strong leaders, efforts directed towards customer satisfaction, innovative and creative products or services, skillful marketing and branding, financial stability, and consistent high-performance. We also adopted some other winning strategies to boost our growth, reflecting our flexibility and agility.

Firm Adherence of the International Development Standards
Standard operating procedures to Adapt Corporate Development
Outstanding Communication for local and overseas Projects
Our projects Consists of Clients from the whole world
Thorough Quality and user experience tests GOing Live
Complete A-Z custom development cycle
Profit Driven Method (in User Interface and after Promotion)
Finest Quality Outputs and Open-Pricing Policy
Clients are Given the Opportunity to Monitor the Project’s Progress Online
International Offices in Dubai, Prague, Shanghai and more

History in Brief

GO-Globe, previously known as GO-Gulf.com, is an international and innovative development company founded in 2005 by Karel Zeman, a Prague citizen and present CEO, in Dubai. Initially, the company was focused on developing web portals with its own products, which set the trend for many others at that time. With on-going successful projects such as go-estates.com, go-gears.com, go-jobs.com, go-bazaar.com, and so on, GO-Globe has grown beyond its initial role and expanded into a highly specialized global online development company.

Karel's passion for fulfilling corporate needs comes from his vast experience working with top-rated organizations such as Reckitt Benckiser, Xerox, Metro AG, PepsiCo, Czech Republic Diplomatic Corps, and Dubai Internet City. Having traveled to over 50 countries and lived in China for 8 years, Kuwait for 2 years, Finland for 1.5 years, and currently in Bahrain with frequent business trips to Dubai, he has gained extensive corporate experience.

GO-Globe benefits from daily educational training programs based on the experiences of Karel with diverse corporations. Karel has a lively interest in snowboarding, ice hockey, reading about the most recent technological advances, watching documentaries, and listening to different music genres. You may contact Karel directly at karel[at]go-globe.com. Welcome!


At GO-Globe, we prioritize building strong technical partnerships with our associates that benefit both parties. Our successful collaborations create a warm familial environment that extends beyond borders. With our vast network of contacts worldwide, we can help tackle any obstacles your business may encounter.

By working together, we can achieve mutual growth and reap the many benefits that come with technological partnerships. These benefits include gaining access to new technologies to improve products and services, sharing expertise to achieve common goals and work on innovative solutions, improving efficiency and reducing costs, reducing potential losses by spreading risk, and gaining a competitive advantage by leveraging the strengths of both companies.

We are always open to building new and exciting partnerships with corporations and creatives around the world!

Community support

GO-Globe is an active member of a global community that passionately collaborates with non-profit organizations and charities, such as orphanages, homes for the elderly, and people with disabilities.

We take pride in supporting non-profit organizations worldwide by developing web-based and custom-made products that help spread their cause.

Supporting our community is vital for multiple reasons.

Having a strong community is crucial in creating a feeling of belongingness and association with others
It provides us a sense of being a part of something larger than ourselves and enhances our social connections and relationships, leading to an improvement of our overall well-being
By supporting our community, we can tackle social and economic problems that impact individuals and families living within our community
Additionally, supporting our community can also bring a positive impact on the environment
It is an indispensable aspect of cultivating a more connected, compassionate, and sustainable society
GO team is ready to Support

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